Our research is focused on applied electrochemistry in the areas of extractive metallurgy (metal leaching), corrosion, anti-corrosion coatings, electrometallurgy, and mineral batteries.

We also conduct research in aqueous metal extraction. More information on these activities can be found here.

Group publications can be found here.

Rusty chain


We conduct corrosion research across a wide spectrum of industries, including extractive metallurgy, public utilities, and oil & gas. We have specialized expertise and equipment in the corrosion of various metals and alloys in high-temperature and pressure aqueous environments.

Mining Field


The Hydrometallurgy Group at the Department of Materials Engineering focuses on hydrometallurgy-related material issues. We are especially interested in developing novel hydrometallurgy processes and applications.


We are equipped with a wide variety of potentiostats, autoclaves, and corrosion cells.  We also have access to some of the most modern analytical facilities for morphological, solution, and surface analyses.